If we're going to build the future here in Lancaster County, we'll need some blueprints.

Blueprints for a Brighter Future

I am running for the County Board because I believe that local government can work for us by ensuring our continued success and investing in new opportunities here in Lancaster County.

As a leader, I'll guided by the values that make Lancaster County a great place to live, work, and start a family:

Common sense. | Consensus. | Community. 


These values inspire the policy priorities I'll focus on as County Commissioner: 

Promoting innovative infrastructure investment

"Lancaster County has a dilemma. If we want to remain a thriving and economically successful place, we have to make sure our transportation infrastructure is cutting edge. But new infrastructure could cost us- and nobody thinks wildly increasing taxes is the answer. As Commissioner, I’ll commit to carefully balancing our need to invest in our future with the importance of saving our money. In particular, I’ll explore innovative infrastructure funding plans which allow us to invest in the future without raising property taxes to unsustainable levels." 

Supporting working families throughout Lancaster County

"Working families are the backbone of our economy but are often overlooked by our elected representatives when they make decisions. I think it’s time to end that trend. As a Commissioner, I’ll ensure that county employees are treated fairly, promote equal economic opportunities, and ensure that the County looks out for the workers who make our economy grow." 

Making sure public funds are used responsibly and effectively

"When we entrust our county government with public funds, we should be able to rest easy knowing that our public officials are using that money wisely. Nothing is worse than wasted tax money. That’s why as County Commissioner I’ll make it a priority to protect public funds from misuse or waste. Our county government represents our community’s investment in the future; My commitment is ensuring that investment works for us." 

Leading the way on criminal justice reform

"One of the most pressing issues we face as a community is the current state of our criminal justice system. As Commissioner, I’ll support the County Corrections programs that are already making a positive difference in people’s lives while fighting for a fairer and more cost-effective county jail system. Promoting rehabilitation and supervised release over incarceration for nonviolent offenders will reduce public costs and lessen repeat offenses, balancing our budget and making our community safer. I’ll lead the way in advocating for reforms that criminal justice experts agree will make our county courts more fair, effective, and safe." 

Building consensus on the County Board

"I don’t believe in playing political games. As a Commissioner and as a community leader, I’ll work to build consensus on the County Board. Through my life experiences, I’ve gained the tools to be an effective policy maker able to represent constituents from across the political spectrum. As an employee at BNSF Railways, I spent time both as a blue-collar worker and white collar worker. Today, I am a certified mediator who works to bring people together so they can resolve conflict and move forward. Through it all, I make an effort to listen, learn, and understand different perspectives; That is exactly what I will do as a Commissioner. On the County Board, I’ll build bridges- in more ways than one."